An announcement supporting Prime Minister Abe's Yasukuni visit


   There are 27,864 Taiwanese soldiers enshrined in Yasukuni shrine, founded by Emperor Meiji to console and worship the soul of soldiers who died fighting for Japan. Seventy years ago, those young and brave Taiwanese went to the southern front battle fields in the Pacific war, fighting side by side with Japanese comrades in the jungles, in the rivers, in the seashores, and in the mountains until they perished.

   Their sacrifices have been and will still be the core of the bond between Taiwan and Japan, which we believe will remain strong forever. On the 26th of last December, Prime Minister Abe paid his respects to all the soldiers worshipped in Yasukuni shrine.

   We are touched by Prime Minister Abe's courage and are grateful that those brave young Taiwanese soldiers can be worshipped and enshrined together with their Japanese comrades.

   Prime Minister Abe's Yasukuni visit was soon blamed arrogantly and hypocritically by Korea and China, with prejudices based on malice and a distorted view of Japanese religious spirit.

   We urge all other countries including the United States, to understand the historical significance of Yasukuni shrine and the religious aspect of Japanese people enshrining the fallen soldiers, a custom rooted deeply in the Samurai spirit.

   We not only support Prime Minister Abe's Yasukuni visit, but also know that paying respects to the Yasukuni souls is exactly the way for Japan to become a respectable country. We expect Mr. Abe to stand firm against the pressures and keep on paying respects to the souls in Yasukuni shrine.

2th. Feb. 2014

Japan Taiwanese Medical Union
Japan Taiwanese Medical Association
Taiwanese Association in Japan
Taiwanese women Association in Japan
Voice of Taiwan



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